Business Continuity Plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide a flexible response to the Client Account Management Teams and Finance Team so that they can:

  • Respond to a disruptive incident (incident management).
  • Maintain delivery of critical activities/services during an incident (business continuity).
  • Return to ‘business as usual’ (resumption and recovery).
Plan Remit

The following services are covered by this Plan:

  • Client Account Management Teams
  • Finance Team

The following functions are covered by this Plan:

  • The provision of Client Account Management to support the services, wherever required.
  • Management of the Director’s diary, in terms of scheduling meetings etc.

This Plan will be activated in response to an incident causing significant disruption to normal service delivery/business, particularly the delivery of key/critical activities. Examples of circumstances triggering activation of this Plan include:

  • Loss of key staff or skills e.g., above normal levels of absenteeism due to illness.
  • Loss of critical systems e.g., ICT failure.
  • Denial of access, or damage to, facilities e.g., loss of a building through fire.
  • Loss of a key resource e.g., a major supplier/partner vital to the delivery of a key service.
  • Natural calamities.
Responsibility for Activation


Jay Desai
Head of OperationsNitin Shah
Process For Activation

Process For Activation

Communication Actions

In the event of an incident and this plan being activated, the following people should be contacted. Nature of contact will depend on the incident type and time it has occurred. Contact Details

1. CEO
2. Head of Operations

The purpose of the business continuity phase of response is to ensure that critical activities are resumed as quickly as possible and/or continue to be delivered during the disruption. The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for Mirabelle sets out details of critical activities and the resources required to deliver them both in ‘business as usual’ and in crisis situations. Above mentioned teams will give the business continuity that is required.